Certified Consulting Hypnotist,
National Guild of Hypnotists

Architecture of Hypnosis,
Masters Program,
University of Toronto

Architecture of Hypnosis,
University of Toronto

NLP Practitioner

Integrative Addictions Solutions,
Center for Integrative Hypnosis

University of Toronto
Mike Bowler
Certified Consulting Hypnotist (National Guild of Hypnotists)

Mike is a coach and trainer in the IT space, who has been helping teams improve for over twenty years. [If you're looking for Mike's IT work then click here]

While it's easy to teach new concepts or skills, changing existing behaviours is extremely hard for most people as those behaviours are happening at an unconscious level. Studying how to help people through those changes has led Mike on a journey into hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, body language, graphology, clean language, mindscaping and an amazing amount of neuroscience research.

Mike has found that some of the very best facilitation and coaching techniques come from this space. From hypnosis and NLP and other forms of applied neuroscience.

Mike has studied with internationally renowned hypnotist Mike Mandel at the University of Toronto where he's completed the Architecture of Hypnosis, the subsequent Architecture of Hypnosis Masters Program and the Mindscaping protocol.

Prior to that, Mike had completed the twenty day NLP Practitioner course with Hugh Comerford of NLP Centres Canada.

Additionally Mike has taken a variety of workshops and classes from internationally known trainers:

  • Advanced Covert Hypnosis with Igor Ledochowski
  • Clean Language for Agile Coaches with Judy Rees
  • Fears and Phobias Masterclass with Kevin Laye
  • Graphology with Mike Mandel
  • A Hypnotist's Metaphor Masterclass with Judy Rees
  • Integrative Addictions Solutions with Melissa Tiers
  • Metaphor Mastery with Judy Rees
  • Mind Bending Language Mastery with Igor Ledochowski
  • Mindscaping with Mike Mandel
  • Practical Clean Language with Judy Rees