Brain Talk

See this talk at Agile 2019 in Washington DC!

Also offered at Agile Coach Camp Canada (Cornwall ON), Agile Open Canada (Vancouver), Play4Agile North America (Cornwall, ON) and Agile Coach Camp Worldwide (Washington DC). [Open Space events don't lock down agenda until the event itself]


Words direct attention. Some words will encourage superficial conversations while others will allow you to quickly get into deeper, more meaningful ones. Learn some of the language patterns used by hypnotists and other effective communicators.

In this fun and engaging session, we’ll specifically look into Clean Language and the mBIT (three brain) model. You’ll learn specific language patterns that can easily be dropped into your coaching conversations and will get an opportunity to practice them with other attendees.

Clean Language will give you a way to help your clients unpack their own thinking more effectively. The mBIT model will give you a way to direct their attention between intellectual approaches, emotional ones and action. Combined, these are a powerful tool for your coaching toolkit.

Both of these are difficult to learn just by reading a book. Join us and experience the effectiveness of these techniques.

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